A wonderful blend of Espadín and Salmiana also known as ‘Pulquero or the Green Giant’. It has been used by Mesoamerican cultures for hundreds of years to make ‘Honey-Water’. Sweet and spicy profile with citrus notes on the midpalate and a refreshing finish. Hints of mint and sage, mineral undertones, and a spicy kick on the finish.

45% ALC.-VOL. – 750 ml

Agave Species: Salmiana y Espadin

Age of Maguey: 15-20 years for Salmiana and 6-8 years for Espadin

Roast Duration: 5-7 days

Type of Wood: Oak

Milling: Molino, Horse

Size of Tinas: 1400 L

Fermentation Duration: 6-8 days

Water Source: Spring

Still Type: Copper

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